Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Celebration of Life

What do you think makes a person beautiful? Me, well it may sound cliche, I believe that it is what is inside a person...their soul...that makes them beautiful. One of the many reasons I love what I do for a living is because it allows me to meet new and interesting people. Beautiful people.

Patty is one such person. My dear friend, Jamie, asked me to travel to Logan and photograph an open house that she and her friends had planned to celebrate the life or a beautiful leader, friend, and mother to many. It was clear from the moment that I met Patty that she was has one of those beautiful rare souls I mentioned before.

Patty is battling cancer. And she is strong. I saw her strength through my camera as I had the privileged to be a fly on the wall as she greeted each and every one of her guests with a smile and concern. She was a shining example of selflessness. As she watched those around her eat the beautiful and delicious food that she herself could not partake of she did not dwell on her circumstances or the disease that she is battling but asked them all about themselves. She had more concern with them then with herself. Patty cried with her friends for the struggles they were having in their own lives and Patty was the first to ask what she could do to help them.

What struck me the most was that when the people whose lives, it was clear, Patty had had such an impact on would ask what they could do for Patty, each time her reply was the same. It was to love their children, to cherish their families, and not to get angry.

Below are some photos from Patty's party. I loved the photo of her and her husband holding hands. Her husband told me that that is how the two of them started out years ago...holding hands :)

There was a special guest arranged to preform for Patty. Patty loves music and one of her very favorite is Michael Mclean. He came and serenaded Patty and it was so very touching and you can tell it was special for Patty from the smile on her face. 

Thank you, Patty for being an influence in my life even though I have only known you for a minute. I plan on taking your advice and loving my children a little tighter tonight.

Keep smiling,



Jenny said...

Oh thank you thank you for these beautiful pictures of our moat special day. You have captured a lifetime of love fir so many. Jenny Johnson (onw of Jamie's friends)

Nancy Moyle said...

Thank you for such an uplifting message on this, the first day of summer for us. I'll be with my not-so-little ones every day and this will help me enjoy them and not sweat the small stuff. Thanks!

Kerri Sales-Geiger said...

I missed that day and you helped me to be there. Thank you. Patty is an inspiration to all of us who have had or are fighting cancer. We can feel her love and strength everyday. Patty is a phenomenal spirit who shines every day in every way. When I think of Patty, I think of love.


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