Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Silly Sophia - Idaho Falls Children's Photographer

I relish the little one on one moments I get with my children. Being a working momma I have to really plan these personal moments with my children and when they happen they are wonderful! This month I have decided that the individual "date night" that I plan with each child would be an individual, on location photo session with yours truly. I wouldn't trade the time we shared that evening for anything. On this photo session I learned that Sophia is more like me than I ever imagined, meaning, she has her head in the clouds just like I do. She is a little dreamer.

I learned that she is full of great photo ideas. Many of our little conversations began with, "Maybe I should do this while you take a picture!" It wasn't really a was as if she just had the most amazing thought. Like in the above photo where she thought that jumping would make a great photo. I have to agree with her that it did :)

Then her hair was in her face and she had to pull it back...

I learned she has attitude...Well, I already knew that...

She is so good at taking direction.

She is brave and put a smile on her face when I asked her to sit on a pile of junk. She said, "Mom, I think this is the place where people bring their old garbage when they don't have room for it any more. This place is cool!"

Like I said, she is a dreamer...I see this look on her face often and I know she has some big ideas in mind. My hope is that she will always be surrounded by those who will encourage her dreaming...

"Oh, the places she'll go!" I'm honored that I get a front row seat to her life to find out.

Keep smiling,



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