Sunday, January 9, 2011

Casey and Nate!!!-Idaho Falls Wedding Photographer

I know, I know...I am still catching my blog up on sessions and events from 2010 but I can't help but share this wedding! There were so many things that I loved about Nate and Casey's wedding day! Casey and her mother (and I am sure so many others that I didn't see) really know how to plan a wedding! The reception was held at the fabulous Rose River Reception Center (which is near to my heart because that is where my hubby and I began our love story just over 5 years ago).

Here are just a few of the shots of the gorgeous couple, I can just see the love in their eyes for each other in these images. Enjoy the details of their wonderful September wedding :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Wedding! You're a great photographer!

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

Thanks Kristie! I appreciate your comments and that you follow my blog :)


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